I Am Jack’s Pegged Lateral Incisor

Cached the sprog with the ’rents and went to see a movie in an actual theater for the first time in nine months; unfortunately, it was Red Dragon.  Detailed comments (and spoilers) may be found here.  Suffice it to say that I would not recommend it, not even to devoted fans of any of the artists involved (except, perhaps, Emily Watson).

Before the movie started, however, we were treated to a big-screen version of the new trailer for The Two Towers.  As much as I dread some of the rumored changes made by director Peter Jackson, I am somehow more jazzed about viewing the second Lord of the Rings installment (opens 18 December 2002 (my mother’s birthday; she gets her grandson for five hours again this year)) than I was for the first.  Nevertheless, I remain bemused by the use during the trailer’s tension-building "second act" of the Kronos Quartet’s pendulum-strings theme from the soundtrack to Requiem for a Dream.  The practice of using music from other (better) works to advertise for movies is not new and is marketing at its most mercenary.  In this case, however, I suspect the methodical surrender of autonomy lamented in Requiem is probably an accurate description of the dynamic New Line expects to act upon the movie-going masses this winter.

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