Figgy Pudding

On 18 December 2002, the State of Washington Public Health Laboratories will hold an office party.  In November 2002, the PHL Social Committee issued a call for submissions for names for this party.  All submitted names are listed below, with the winning submission at the bottom (yes, I’ve already submitted the list to McSweeney’s).

Holiday Potluck/Party/Celebration/Hoopla/Shindig
Feast & Festivities
The Winter Revel
Communicable Merriment
Twas the week before X-mas party
Winter Solstice Party
Winter Holiday Party/Festival
Fall Food Festival/Food Festival
The PC Party
Seasonal Party
The December Party/2002 at PHL
Brumal Brouhaha
Light up your life festival
End-of-the-Year Party/Potluck
Unilateral Winter Goodwill Celebration
Yearly Traditional Feast
Lab Fest
The Non-offensive Decemberish Gala
The seventh day before X-mas party
E. coli Night
Snowflake festival
Christmas Party

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