One-Twenty-One Twenty Or Fight!

Josh Marshall is correct in calling the Texas State Republicans’ non-census-driven gerrymandering attempt a breach of uncodified political tradition and in calling for more light to be shed on Tom Delay’s role in the affair.  Y’all already know my feelings on the Electoral College; one of the pillars supporting that rickety institution is the notion that geography should determine polity.  I know, I know; it’s probably the least evil way to organize constituency, but isn’t it just a little bit demeaning for adults to call these reasonable political entities?

Anyway, if we’re going to let the Precambrian right use demographics to effectively outlaw the Democratic Party in Texas, perhaps out here on the upper Left Coast we can shore up our base a bit, too.  While we’re at it, why stop at Congressional Districts?  Let’s revisit House Resolution 348, which created the current border between Oregon and Washington.  A simple glance at the precincts shows that the real divide should not be north and south but east and west.  Accordingly, the border should be drawn not along the Columbia but through the Cascades. The western state will be called Cascadia, of course, with its capital at Vancouver.  Let’s call the eastern state, oh, say, Eudaho, and its capital can be at The Dalles.

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