If The Foo Shits...

Kathryn Jean Lopez is the spectacularly obtuse den mother over at The Corner, and this evening she wrote:
MY BASIC QUESTION [KJL] Why does the president sit down with Bob Woodward in the first place? We have, evidently, in the Woodward book, based on 60 Minutes and Post excerpts, a portrait of a simple-minded Christian who thinks he was sent by God to give the whole world freedom, and who doesn't consider himself accountable to Congress, the Constitution, or anyone else. Which would just a typical Beltway book—one current account of history, from the angle of its main sources or writer—if it weren't for the legitimacy stamp it gets from having the president as one of its only on-the-record sources.
A more basic question for Lopez (and all other Bush supporters): if this image of Bush offends your sensibilities, is it wiser to impugn the legitimacy of the image or to re-evaluate your support?

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