Peaking Early

Ana Marie Cox’s new gig Wonkette has been a going concern since before Thanksgiving, but following the launch announcement from sponsor Gawker on Friday she received a thunderous series of top-tier endorsements: TMFTML, Boing Boing, Dong Resin, Cowboy Sally, Maud Newton, Hit & Run, Crooked Timber, TAPPED, Glenn Reynolds (the Jackie Harvey of the Blogosphere), and the Kiss of Death, Kaus.  Can Cox live up to such inflated expectations, or will her barbaric yawp soon be sampled by every dittohead with GarageBand?
Not only are we going to Bar Rouge, we’re going to the Hawk and Dove and Chi-Cha and the Felix Lounge and Madam’s Organ and New Vegas, and we’re going to the Marx Cafe and Juste Lounge and Recesssions!  And we’re going to Firefly and JR’s and Hung Jury and Degrees!  And then we’re going to L Street to take back the masthead, yee-uughhhh... 

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